You’re ready
to experience
the drive of
your life!



Think of what it’s like to watch the action… now think how it would be to LIVE the action. Your interactive experience will challenge your senses. Each simulator can be run on its own or interfaced to run with other units allowing you to compete with the others driving at the same time in REAL TIME. In this mode you will both see and feel it when you “accidently” nudge another car pushing them off the track or into a wall.


Now you can
live the thrills
without the risk!

Our simulators are amongst the most advanced available in the World – These are not games, but highly sophisticated recreation of reality. Each simulator is set on 3 electronic actuators which are capable of 490 movements per second so you’re sure to experience the exhilaration of driving in a real race car. Feel the surge of up to 2 G’s of acceleration and the vibration of the race tuned engines.

Our High Definition LCD TV screens create crystal clear, high resolution pictures that will blow you away. Whether it be the scream of an F1, the roar of a V8 or the rumble and whistle of a Turbo Rally car, the surround speaker systems make you FEEL the sounds.

We can tailor for specific needs

• Formula 1
• V8’s – Holden, Camero, Mustangs
• Turbo Subaru Rally Car

A vast selection of real life
tracks on request

DRIVE A RACE CAR was developed with the Knowledge and Experience gained thru years of motor racing that has ensured that YOU experience the REAL THING.

This is NOT a video game!

the scream
of an F1

Feel the Formula 1 tyres fighting for traction as you apex the corner, clipping the ripple strip as the aerodynamics hold the car down on the track.

The roar
of a V8

The raw growl of the 650 plus HP V8 vibrating thru the steering wheel and seat as you accelerate down the straight.

the rumble
& whistle
of a Turbo
Rally car,

Experience the shaking and bumps of the Rally Car along the dirt roads.